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    What is the warranty period?

    All ODDICT products come with a one-year limited warranty based on your product and region. 

    When you register your ODDICT product, it is warranted against original defects in material and workmanship for one year starting from the date of purchase.

    ODDICT warrants your product against defects in materials and workmanship when purchased directly from ODDICT or an authorized retailer.

    This warranty is extended only to the original buyer or the person receiving the product as a gift and cannot be extended to any other person or be transferred.

    What Does My Warranty Cover?

    Your manufacturer warranty covers you when…

    · You purchased your item from Oddict.com or an authorized reseller.

    · When your ODDICT product needs repairing/ needs to be restored to the proper operating condition/ needs to be replaced during the warranty period.

    Before initiating the warranty process, please contact our customer service for a return authorization number.

    Please safely package the product and send it to us with your proof of purchase. Please be aware that shipping costs for returned products are not covered under warranty.

    What is Not Covered with my Warranty

     Your ODDICT product warranty does not cover the following:


    · Minor product imperfections that otherwise meet design specifications or material imperfections that do not hamper product functionality.

    · Damage caused by misuse, abuse or use that is not in compliance with product instructions. (Drop, shock, flooding, damage, forceful use etc.)

    · Damage or loss caused by lack of maintenance, accidents, fire, theft or misplacement, power surges, electronic viruses, or natural disasters.

    · Damage caused by repairs or servicing not authorized by Oddict.

    · Missing receipt or proof of purchase.

    · Damage caused by using unauthorized accessories.

    · Normal wear and tear after repeated use. (Batteries, ear tips, charging cables etc.)·         

    · Lost or stolen of an item.